Find Your Fashion Fragrance | Absolutely Magazine December 2014 | By Lawrence Roullier White

Shopping for scent can be a trying task, match the fragrance to your friends with this handy on-trend guide. 

The Beard and Bun Boy: laid back, relaxed and happy in his skin and on his bike. Slumberhouse: Pear & Olive. 

The Denim Demon: denim devotion is a serious business; the importance of the selvedge, the warp and the weft, the stitching and the seams. Olfactive Studio: Ombre Indigo.

The Modern Chap: sartorial style with attention to tailoring and detailing; crisp cuffs, handmade shoes and a gold pinky. Frederic Malle: Geranium Pour Monsieur. 

The Land-Locked Fisherman: sou’wester jacket and hand knits, Breton top and canvas cap. Caldey Island: Island Lavender. 

The Preppy: colour neutral, preened and pressed. Cool, calm and collected. Eight & Bob: Eight & Bob. 

The Stylist: super-aware of trends, but no slave or victim, original and individual; dresses for self and always with a sense of fun. Smell Bent: Mirror Ball. 

The Designer-Maker: classic couture teamed with vintage finds and handmade items from friends' collections and their own work. Andrea Maack: Craft. 

The Purrlesque: the vintage sex kitten: animal print cardigans, stockings, stilettos and always a slash of red lipstick. 4160 Tuesdays: Tart’s Knicker Drawer. 

The Jobbing Model: sweats and sloppy joes; scraped-back hair, a fresh-faced, casual blank-canvas; ready to board a plane at a moment’s notice. Juliette Has A Gun: Not A Perfume. 

The Red Carpeteer: dressed to impressed, and knows how to pull off a look; oozing sex and insider glamour know-how. Mary Greenwell: Plum. 

The Boho-Couture: the Sixties sentiments are the same - freedom of expression, un-encompassed by convention - but the jeans are better. Perris Monte Carlo: Patchouli Nosy Be.


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