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A Touch Of Velvet, The Advantage Of Mittens, One Pot Wonders ..... & You Guessed It!

A Touch Of Velvet, The Advantage Of Mittens, One Pot Wonders .....
& You Guessed It!
Shop Now - Mrs White's Good Health Bath Oil - £25.00Firstly I must apologise for the glaring mistake in last week's missive where my lovely, cold-relief bath oil, Mrs White's 'Good Health', was flagged at £49.99! Now I do like a little luxury however that is ridiculous and of course this was an error induced by jet lag - 'my bad' as they say in America!

It is, in fact, a much more sensible £25 for a massive 200mls which lasts about a year! I am now fully recovered thanks, in part, to this potion. Shop Now - Gorgeous, Ruched Velvet Cushion in Burnt Orange - £65

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