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Baths, Bins & Bracelets

Baths, Bins & Bracelets Buy Now - Oak Bath Bridge - £57.50This week I bring you both practicality and glamour! I shall begin in the bathroom with the NEW 'Bath Bridge'. This is the term used to described a floating shelf that spans the bath, designed to house sponge, soap, shampoo and all the other accoutrement associated with bathing . I have owned one for years and it is a practical essential that keeps the bathroom looking its best rather than piled with various soapy unguents. My example at home however is a rather ugly wire conjuring and so I was most grateful when I was contacted by a brand that makes the most stylish wooden designs in oak. They are Spa-tastic - minimal and marvellous with slatted base to release the suds and plenty of room for even the most indulgent of bathing belles. I have mine in situ already and all I need now are the birch twigs!

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