Today I'm Wearing: Magnolia Romana by Eau D'Italie

Today I'm wearing Magnolia Romana from the incomparable house of Eau D'Italie. Based out of the idyllic Le Sirenuse hotel in the town of Positano on Italy's famed Amalfi Coast, Eau D'Italie have been showcasing the breadth and skill of modern Italian perfumery for over 10 years. Magnolia Romana celebrates the famous Villa Borghese and its sumptuous landscaped gardens overflowing with precious magnolia blossoms. An opening of peppery basil and lightly spiced nutmeg is met with an exquisite combination of precious floral accords in the heart notes, with rose, lotus, and the eponymous magnolia taking centre stage. A dry down of musk, cedar wood, and distinctively dry, grassy hay completes this stunningly subtle and utterly wearable fragrance in style.

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