A Decent Bit of Kit

Don't sweat it. Do not get worked up about your workout, stay cool with Roullier White's essential kit edit. 

God is in the detail and we feel like he may have had a hand in these immaculate trainers from Common Projects.

The Path Trouser from Canadian company Cory Vines comes in breathable fabric with four-way stretch, making it the perfect garment to wear to and from the gym and versatile enough for exercise too. Don't be caught short; Lululemon, also from Canada, has created the perfect short at the perfect stylish 9" length. With zipper pocket, key loop and a wide panel between the legs they are designed for all activities.

We are seriously taken with brilliant new British brand Xavier Athletica. The perfect and flattering cut of the Core Long Sleeve makes it indispensable on those early morning runs, along with the company's commitment to clever detailing including a concealed waistband pocket for your MP3. The beauty of the Xavier Athletica Hoodie speaks for itself; get one. 

We found probably the best towels in the world on the streets of New York. Hammacher Schlemmer towels are as legendary as their softness and absorbency. Another favourite British brand, Gruhme, has created the perfect post shower scent; guaranteed to see you leaving the gym with a spring in your step.  

When it come to hi tech, hi spec accessories Tumi cannot be beaten. Our choice is the high performance Alpha 2 Split Travel Pack which can be hung open over a towel rail, your own portable bathroom cabinet. 

Soft Leather Trainers
Common Projects
Path Trouser
Cory Vines
Number 14
800 GSM Turkish Towels
Hammacher Schlemmer
Assert Short 9"
Alpha 2 Split Travel Pack
Cool Down Hoodie
Xavier Athletica
Core Long Sleeve
Xavier Athletica

Mrs White's Good Sport is the answer to soaking away post exertion muscle ache. 

Mixed with a unique blend of finest quality essential oils, the elixir is completely natural and will leave your body relaxed and your mind clear. 

Good Sport also works as a pre exercise treatment, the circulatory encouraging ingredients  are the equivalent of a gentle warm up. 


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