Baths, Bins & Bracelets

Baths, Bins & Bracelets
Buy Now - Oak Bath Bridge - £57.50
This week I bring you both practicality and glamour!
I shall begin in the bathroom with the NEW 'Bath Bridge'. This is the term used to described a floating shelf that spans the bath, designed to house sponge, soap, shampoo and all the other accoutrement associated with bathing . I have owned one for years and it is a practical essential that keeps the bathroom looking its best rather than piled with various soapy unguents. My example at home however is a rather ugly wire conjuring and so I was most grateful when I was contacted by a brand that makes the most stylish wooden designs in oak. They are Spa-tastic - minimal and marvellous with slatted base to release the suds and plenty of room for even the most indulgent of bathing belles. I have mine in situ already and all I need now are the birch twigs!
Buy Now - Soap Dish - £9.99
While we are loitering in the bathroom, I have found the very best, modern, soap dish, made in Denmark, which has just arrived. Constructed from rubber, formed into an exaggerated zig-zag to drain away the water and keep soap dry for maximum longevity, this is, like all good design, remarkably simple. I think it has a faintly Japanese aesthetic and I love it to bits. In French Navy or White, it is light, unbreakable and a modern masterpiece.
Buy Now - Bread Bin - £79.95
Bread Bins are, in my humble opinion, often hideous things! Almost every home has one and yet they often look like a waste paper bin with a lid on! Something used every day must be beautiful And robust and bread bins must always be fitted with ventilation holes to keep the contents from going mouldy. I have searched the planet for the perfect design for years and finally happened upon it by chance. I was chatting to a friend who lives in Germany via Facetime and suddenly there behind him I saw a vision of perfection!! Made from sheet steel that has been powder-coated, this is German engineering at its best - pared down and practical. The aesthetic is distinctly space-age 1960's, although the company itself has been manufacturing for over 140 years so they know what they are doing! I think it is an absolutely gorgeous and futuristic vision with a dash of the American diner. It is an investment, however when something is prominently displayed on the kitchen counter it needs to be handsome And built to last - this beauty will be with me for life. Available in White or Silver - I have the white one and have managed to get a large loaf, pitta, crumpets and a doughnut in it with room to spare (the latter was purely for medicinal purposes).
Buy Now - Extendable Ostrich Feather Duster - £30
We have invested in a new, extendable design for our Ostrich feather duster. This version has a much longer reach ( a whopping 2.3m!) so it is perfect for my Victorian ceilings which get a bit cobwebby at this time of year! Also unbeatable for the tops of picture frames etc as it will dust without disturbing the picture. The other brilliant thing is that it breaks down to 75cm for easy storage. Lola my cat also loves it for all the wrong reasons !
Buy Now - Aphrodite Bangle - £38
Finally you all know by now that I worship talent, and I have recently discovered a hotbed of it developing on the Essex Coast !  In my opinion this area could turn out to be our 'Portland Oregon' or 'Brooklyn NY', a community of talented artisans that collaborate together and create really outstanding design. My first investment in this British phenomenon is with a jeweller of enormous taste and skill and I received her collection yesterday. Using gold and silver coated copper wire, she twists and knots her designs, managing to create something that is both intricate yet unfussy, complex yet contemporary, and she is my tip for stardom. I am very lucky to have found her before the fashion pack lure her to the catwalk and international renown! The first pieces that caught my eye were these bracelets and I shall let them speak for themselves - we have these in medium and large for a comfortable fit (the measuring technique can be found on our website).

I wish you all a lovely w/e and an inspiring week ahead. For me this week is 'London Design Week' so the lovely Lene and I will pounding the pavements in search of the extraordinary, with enthusiasm, optimism and comfortable shoes!

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